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Eating Disorders Victoria (EDV) delivers a range of workshops and resources for the school community, including students, staff and parents.

Students - workshops address the factors influencing body satisfaction, self-esteem and self-acceptance, aim to improve media literacy, and highlight the importance of social connection.

Staff - workshops provide an overview of eating disorders, risk factors, warning signs, protective factors, and the knowledge and skills to identiy and support students who may be at risk of an eating disorder.

Parents - workshops provide an overview of eating disorders and focus on the risk factors, warning signs, and the protective factors that can help reduce the risk of an eating disorder developing.

  • In a 2010 NEDC survey of young people, 84.3% of respondents said they know one person who may have an eating disorder – 62.8% know up to five people
  • Body image is the 3rd most concerning issue for young Australians (Mission Australian Youth Survey 2014)


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