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EDV has partnered with the Body Project Collaborative to deliver Body Project Australia (BPA) to Australian youth. BPA is an evidence-based group program for adolescent girls aged 14-18 years. The program aims to prevent the onset of eating disorders by addressing body dissatisfaction, media stereotypes and community awareness.

Supported by international research, Body Project Australia, is building on over 15 years of work done by the Body Project Collaborative. More than 3.5 million adolescents and young adults, in 25 countries, have participated in some form of the Body Project. 

What is involved in the program?

Body Project Australia offers a unique approach to discussing body satisfaction and the media influence on body image by allowing students to evaluate and critique the appearance ideal, through a series of verbal, written and behavioural exercises.

The act of publicly critiquing the appearance ideal results in cognitive dissonance in students who originally supported this ideal and causes them to unsubscribe to this belief.

Body Project Australia intervention applies principles, originally identified by social psychologists, that elicit discussion among participants leading to improved self-esteem and body confidence and a decreased risk of developing an eating disorder.

Delivered by trained facilitators from EDV, the sessions also cover the influence of the media, building resilience against external pressures, what to say to a friend who you are worried about, and where to get help and learn more about positive body image.

How you can get involved?

There are two avenues for delivery of the BPA program available. You can seek out EDV trained facilitators to run the program for your organisation or group. Alternatively, you can become a facilitator yourself and run the sessions in your community.

School or Community programs

Eating Disorders Victoria will send two trained facilitators to your school or youth organisation to run the group-based program with your students from February 2019 onwards.

The program is delivered by two trained facilitators for one hour each week, over four weeks and can include up to 12 students. Please get in contact with us for more information and to register your place in 2019.

Cost $3000

Facilitator Training Programs

This training is perfect for leaders at councils, youth organisations and schools who wish to deliver the program to multiple locations in their local community.

Two-day training to learn how to run BPA yourself cost = $350

Add on – an EDV staff member will come and run your first program with you cost = $1650

Total = $2000

Upcoming Training Programs

Our next facilitator training program will take place on May 16-17 at the EDV office in Abbotsford.

For Facilitator Training, please book online HERE 



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