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Understanding the treatment options for a person with an eating disorder can be a bit bewildering.  People with eating disorders may be treated in different settings (eg GP, community health centre, public or private hospital, private psychologist or psychiatrist). And there are different levels of care depending on the type of eating disorder and perceived severity of the problem.  There are often a number of different health professionals involved in one person’s treatment and care.  There are also many different types of treatment therapy used.

While there is evidence that some approaches are more likely to be effective with certain age groups or particular types of disorder, it is important to remember that there is no one treatment method which has been shown to be effective for all cases of eating disorders.  Different therapies and treatment plans may be effective for different people, depending on the age of the person experiencing the eating disorder, the stage of the illness, the type and severity of the eating disorder, the underlying causes, and many other factors.

When trying to work out the best option to follow, it is advisable to be as widely informed as possible and to be aware of all your options. The relationship that is formed between the person with the eating disorder and the clinician or therapist is very important, and some therapists and patients suit each other better than others, so this may need to be taken into account. You need to know what is available in the public health sector and what treatment methods are only available privately.  It is wise to remember that eating disorders  tend to be long-term conditions and treatment may be going on for a long time.  Therefore you should be aware of the costs of different treatments and therapies.   You may also wish to think about the locality of the treatment centre or therapist, and how far you will have to travel each time treatment is required.

EDV offers psychology sessions for treatment of individuals with an eating disorder or for friends and family who are supporting a loved one through this difficult time. Additionally we keep information on all public and private treatment services in Victoria, as well as a database of health professionals who have registered with us as having an interest or specialising in eating disorders.

It is important to know all your options.


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