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As an early childhood professional, you can help parents build confident children by enlisting EDV to run the Confident Body, Confident Child workshop in your community.

Why early childhood?

“Research has found that the way a child feels about their body starts to develop as early as three years, even though the benefits of positive feelings about their body, and problems associated with negative feelings, may not be seen until years later. The earlier steps are taken to build positive body image in children, the better.”
– Dr Laura Hart, Confident Body, Confident Child

Workshops for parents of young children

Confident Body, Confident Child
2x 2 hour workshops, usually held a fortnight apart
Suitable for parents of children aged 2-6 years old

EDV are licensed to deliver the Confident Body, Confident Child (CBCC) program. CBCC is an evidence-based program developed by a team of researchers from La Trobe University. CBCC was developed from evidence in eating disorders prevention research and has been evaluated in multiple randomized controlled trials. It is a two-session workshop series and printed resource pack, designed for parents of 2-6 year old children. It provides feasible, achievable parenting strategies for helping preschoolers develop healthy eating patterns and positive body image.

It includes tips for parents on how to:

  • Encourage intuitive eating in children
  • Talk to children about their body, weight and shape, appearance-based teasing and size diversity
  • Get their child enjoying regular physical activity
  • Manage screen time and talk about media images
  • Overcome concerns about fussy eating and child weight

Every attendee will receive a Parent Resource Pack valued at $30.

Confident Body, Confident Child in your community

This program is suitable for parents in a range of settings, including:

  • Pre-schools / kindergartens
  • Parents groups / mother’s groups
  • Childcare centres
  • Children activity groups, eg. GymbaRoo

Please get in touch with the EDV education team about running a Confident Body, Confident Child workshop in your community.


Did you know?

CBCC is the only prevention program world-wide to offer evidence-based strategies for promoting body satisfaction and healthy eating in preschoolers. For more information about the origins of the program, please visit the Confident Body, Confident Child website.

Confident Body, Confident Child website

Contact Education team

For more information about EDV’s Confident Body, Confident Child training program,  please contact our Education team using the contact form below.

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